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made-in-usasugar-freePackom Sweets is a family business, best known for its unique candies. Our candies are made with a relentless desire to breathe life into one of the little known master crafts, candy making. In addition to the abundance of explosive flavors, we offer a smile and a taste of vitality in every bite.
Our story started in 2007, spread across two continents, with one mission in mind, to craft a candy that brings functionality to the confectionary world. Healthy, yet tasty, fun, yet practical. After years of perfecting, we’ve created products that we love eating, just as much as we love sharing with others.




Product Info

Jake vitamincandy® was developed with one goal: to provide the world with a sugar free candy that can be enjoyed every day, with added benefits. By providing impeccable and perfectly formulated flavors and delivering them as sugar free candies, Jake vitamincandy® is sure to please anyone’s taste buds!

Whether it’s Vitamin C, a combination of multivitamins or all natural antioxidants, coupled with a blast of flavor in every piece, Jake vitamincandy® is the perfect choice. Jake vitamincandy® is currently available all throughout Europe, Northern Africa and parts of Asia. Jake vitamincandy® is now available all throughout North America, and will be available in Central and South America during the 4th Quarter of 2016

Jake vitamincandy® is offered in 7 striking flavors!



Peach flavor explosion with light tartness but full of flavor. The flavor combination is a perfect blend of sweet and tart, like the feeling of a juicy peach. In a league of its own, an overall feeling of invigoration!

Coconut Blueberry


The Coconut Blueberry selection is a seamless blend of creaminess and tartness in every piece. The tartness from the Blueberry can be noticed almost upon contact with one’s mouth, while the creaminess from the Coconut provides a smooth sensation, moments after the tartness. A candy flavor fusion that is committed to satisfy one’s taste buds!


Grape flavored candy with a phenomenal taste and subtle tartness. It contains a sensation like biting into delicate ripe grape. Like no other candy, the overall experience is that of calmness and serenity!

Green Tea Lime

A pleasurable togetherness of an ancient favorite tea and a flash of citrusy lime. The Green Tea extract offers the sensation of drinking the actual brewed tea with the refreshment of Lime to compliment. An uplifting and stimulating feeling that leaves one wanting more!



Immediate burst of Raspberry flavor with light tartness. It is perfectly robust at first, and then leads up to a higher level of flavor, letting you know and feel that you are in fact eating a special candy. An undisputable sensation, like a freshly picked fruit full of flavor intensity!



Mouthwatering Tangerine flavor balanced with a hint of tartness. An encounter your mouth is sure to never forget, due to the juicy citrus fruit attitude. Long lasting taste paired with flavor certainty!



Introducing the latest flavor to the Jake vitamincandy® family!

Jake vitamincandy® Nutritional Facts

To view our nutritional facts in a PDF file, click here!

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